Glute building guide. Perfect for use with the Hip Circle
Booty building guide. Perfect for use with the Hip Circle
Glute building guide. Perfect for use with the Hip Circle

Glute Training e-Guide

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Product Description

Provided for you is a 12- week plan to follow and reach your goal of having the perfect legs and glutes. You will build yourself up from 2 workouts a week to 4 workouts a week.

There are over 20 workouts for you that you can carry on using when you have completed your 12 weeks. Lucy has created a guide that is full of interesting exercises (some unusual but work wonders), and all the basic compound lifts. Not only will the workouts target your booty, they will also be targeting your legs – working specifically to target the hamstrings.

What's Included

This isn't going to be your standard booty program with a couple of workouts in... Lucy has designed a guide full of information for you to use every day, alongside the 12-week detailed plan itself. Here's what’s inside:

  • Welcome information
  • Glute anatomy
  • Key tips, including nutrition and hydration
  • Glute activation exercises for your warm up routine
  • The 12-week detailed workout plan - You will begin with two workouts per week in week 1, and by week 12 you will be doing four workouts per week
  • 20 different workouts - Both compound and accessory exercises included
  • 7 home workouts if you cannot make it to the gym
  • An exercise log with pictures of the correct technique of every single exercise in the guide.

We promise you, by the end of the 12-weeks, all the hard work will be well worth it! Your peach will fit perfectly into your jeans and you'll have a butt to be proud of!  

Easy To Follow

Every exercise in this guide has a picture demonstrating the correct position from the start to the end pose, so there is no need to worry about not recognising some of the names of the exercises.

Activation Routine

Over the years of her training, Lucy has come to learn the importance of glute activation exercises before taking part in a leg/glute workout. Going into a lower body workout without activating your glutes can not only lead to injury, but without activating your glutes, you will unconsciously place extra stress on the surrounding muscle, such as your legs and lower back.

The primary goal of glute activation therefore is to train the glutes to be “turned on”, or “fired” throughout your lower body session. In turn, your gluteal muscles will become stronger over time and act as a support system for both your legs and core.

The Facebook group is a great place to motivate one another and see everyone's amazing progress throughout the 12 weeks.