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Hey Team,

It's Dejan here, founder and personal trainer at Let's Train - here's me training with Brianna :) ^

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome. From the very beginning we have always tried to give as much value to our customers and readers as we can and although Let's Train has developed over the years into an e-commerce platform, we will always strive to produce helpful and meaningful content to help you achieve your goals.

This summer we have the opportunity of using the convenient parks and open spaces in London, UK to provide free group training sessions where we use our products and allow our community to meet each other.

The first one will be be held on Clapham Common, London, UK on Saturday 24th August 11:00 am.


What will the sessions entail?

The session will be between 60-75 minutes and be focused on glute band exercises, circuits and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Is it really free?

Yes the workout is 100% free for all and if you haven't got a glute band, don't worry you can borrow one on the day!

How do I sign up?

Click on the link on this page to sign up. Limited places!

Is it just for women?

The workout is open to women and men 18+ we do not exclude any one from our sessions and strongly encourage a mixture of women and men. So yes, you can drag your partner along!

Can I come by myself?

100% you can! Do not feel discouraged if you are not coming with a friend, making that first step in just turning up can sometimes be the hardest part but remember, you are not the only one :)

What should I wear / bring?

Sports kit, trainers and a water bottle.

We look forward to meeting you on the day and feel free to join us for a coffee after at the Bandstand Cafe.

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