Why It Is Worth Dating A Fitness Enthusiast

With Valentine’s Day now just a distance memory, innumerable individuals across the globe might find themselves envisioning life at this point in time with a partner.

Whether one might walk across the street to buy a bagel, or sift through channels on an inactive Sunday afternoon; messages of love, joy, adoration, and togetherness seem to be permeating the very air and forcefully entering the lives of those generally unwilling to participate. 

It might seem appealing to order a dozen or so roses for oneself, and sit back for a spa-day to value your individual self as opposed to a non-existent significant other. However, thoughts might sit idly in the back of the mind, persistently clamoring to regain a solid footing into conscious thought: perhaps Valentine’s Day could have been an event celebrated better with a valued individual in one’s life. 

According to metrics published by the National Retail Federation, the Valentine’s Day industry stands as a $17.3 billion business. With manufacturers producing tokens, wrappings, cards, and gifts en masse, and exotic flowers being shipped to florists globally; it might occur as no surprise that the average Brit purchases nearly £70 on goods for the esteemed event. 

As the bakers and cooks prepare lavishly adorned meals, the filmmakers and producers find themselves busy marketing content to be released on the internationally-recognised holiday. Much the same way films are set to be released during peak holiday periods – namely Easter and Christmas time – many producers and marketers now focus on capitalising off of adoring couples flocking to cinemas and theatres worldwide in order to enjoy a date night. The numbers, in turn, do their efforts justice: leading titles expect to whip up more than $150 million in box office sales within an opening weekend. 

Needless to mention, the air is rife with messages of love everlasting. A singleton might find themselveswondering whether or not the romantic sphere is a world worth dabbling in; if so, how can it be feasible to sift through millions upon millions of potential persons before locating The One?

On the one hand, you might have the Oxford -educated genius, reading books by the dozen and offering zany philosophies every other day. There is the comic, the person with the fun-loving nature, and carefree take on life. The serious corporate-worker offers potential, with crease-free suits and hectic schedules. 

What we are here to tell you, however, is why the fitness enthusiast is the best amongst every other type or choice. 

The fitness enthusiast most often will find his or her habitat to be in the gym, lifting weights, or out on the track, sprinting. The fitness enthusiast is the one individual you can count on to understand the do’s and don’ts of healthy eating, and is the one always found with a bottle of water in hand. As such, the fitness enthusiast may or may not employ the use of helpfully nifty sports gadgets, but will most certainly acknowledge the importance of clean living, and might be the best person to reach out for advice on your cheat-day meals. 

Here is a round-up of the top reasons why dating a fitness enthusiast is worth it. 

1. They will keep you motivated

Few might understand the value of encouragement and motivation such as fitness enthusiasts do. Keeping fit is no easy task, specifically if an individual sets about to either lose or gain pounds. Though frequenting the gym might steadily become an addictive habit, it is still quite a challenging routine to break into. Not only does it test the physical limitations of one’s body, but also pulls will power and psychological strength as taut as a wire. Fitness enthusiasts pride themselves on continually striving to achieve ever-evolving goals; if you decide to date a fitness enthusiast, you will soon come to realize that they are seldom idle, as they always have an achievement to strive towards. Conquering physical milestones is their niche, and they feed off keeping themselves consistently motivated and committed to the lifelong promise of fitness. 

2. They understand how to rely on others 

A true fitness enthusiast will acknowledge the importance of dependence upon others; after all, there is always a role model to mimic their training and goals after, and a trainer to galvanize and guide them towards their goals. Whether they require a fellow gym-goer for spotting, or a personal trainer to mould their routines and diet plans; fitness junkies understand just how important communication and reliance on others can be when setting about to achieve great things in life. 

Similarly, dating a fitness enthusiast might reveal to you just how encouraging and open they might be when it comes to exercising the team-building aspect of any relationship. Just as the journey towards fitness requires constant physical and spiritual inspiration, a fitness fanatic will understand that relationships require the very same delicate balance between independence and reliance. 

3. They are open to trying new things 

Whether it is to indulge in a mysteriously-new ice-cream flavor, or dive off a cliff attached to a bungee cord; fitness buffs might always be up for experiencing new highs and adrenaline rushes. It is also interesting to note that their fitness routine might comprise of a mix-and-match of several activities: where one day they might hit the gym, they could also opt for a rousing game of tennis or football the very next. Likewise, fitness junkies appreciate just how varied and diverse the occurrences of life can be. Dating one might encourage you to try new things, discover truths about yourself, and detach yourself from a drearily mundane everyday schedule. 

4. They are goal-oriented 

Fitness buffs might know better than most how to set the bar for themselves, and work towards goals – both short and long term. They typically approach fitness – either through frequent gym visits or sport – while keeping many tasks in mind. Achieving said tasks soon becomes their mantra, and you might never expect procrastination to be a personality trait of a fitness enthusiast should you choose to date one. 

Additionally, they will carry the focus and self-discipline to meet their set goals. This positive practice might easily mirror how they handle everyday events in life – both professional, and personal. 

5. They can meet challenges without fear

There might have been a time when a fitness buff feared the idea of physical exertion, but challenge might soon become commonplace for them. They understand how to set, meet, and overcome most challenges. Similarly, they would understand how to patiently sort through personal issues and hurdles, smoothing out any rough patches as opposed to walking away. And, who knows, if they manage to sort out each issue without fail, they might just turn out to be a destine soul-mate after all. 


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