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If you're one of those people who sits on a few machines at the gym, walks for an hour on the treadmill breaking a mild sweat and gets home every night convinced of doing an awesome fat-burning workout but confused as to why you're not seeing any results, then listen up!

You need to up the intensity!

Doing the same workout every time will never challenge your body enough to adapt and always sticking to low-intensity exercise will only get you so far when focused on quickly and efficiently burning fat.

It continues to strike me as odd no matter how many times I see it, rows of treadmills slowly ticking along with users ambling up a tiny incline for 45 minutes plus at around 5kph...

Lets's put it in perspective; yesterday I jumped on the treadmill next to a lady walking briskly up a moderate incline. Me being nosy, I noticed she had been walking for 20 minutes and burned around 100 calories...

I started my session which was 12 x 30s sprints on a 3% gradient with 45s jogging between sprints... With a 5 min warm up and cool down, I finished the session bang on 25 mins and torched 658 calories. Glancing over at the screen of the lady next to me, who was now over 45mins into her 'cardio', I saw how many calories she had burnt, any guesses?

She had just hit 228 calories!! 

The use of High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) had forced me to place my body in 'oxygen debt' - not being able to achieve full recovery between sprints due to the increasedintensity of the intervals and short rest times.

"...burning more fat for hours after the workout as a bonus..."

Keeping my sprints intense and rest minimal, made my body work harder to replenish itself with oxygen between each interval and not only burnt more calories due to the higher intensity of the session but would also lead to an increased metabolism for up to 48 hours after the session! Essentially burning more fat for hours after the workout as a bonus!

I'd burnt 430 more calories than the lady in almost half the time.

The beauty of HIIT means you'll train for shorter, efficiently torch fat and keep your metabolism high for days after working out.

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