The Importance Of Muscle Pre-Activation

What is pre-activation?

Not many people are aware of the importance of activating muscles. It does not only help in better coordination of our mind and brain, but also results in the strengthening of our body. There might be some situations when you aren’t getting the desired results from the workouts or when your body and mind aren’t functioning the way they should due to periods of non-use. This is because your muscles aren’t pre-activated and hence, not functioning properly. They require some sort of activation to function properly and produce best results.

If it isn't active it won't grow!

Most of the people who hit the gym with the idea of building their muscles and getting the perfectly curved body or six pack abs, typically indulge in heavy workout exercise and anxiously wait for the desired results to show up. However, due to weakness in and inactive muscles, they may not get the expected results no matter how much hardcore exercise they do.

The best part about the pre-activation of unused muscles is that, they make you less prone to getting injured in the gym. Since your muscles are well activated and performing to the full potential of their abilities, there are lesser chances of injuries and the result is a better body. If you are looking to improve the performances of your regular exercises, such as sprint and cycling, pre-activation of your muscles is necessary.

Quite often, we don’t pay attention to the smaller muscles of our body when we hit the gym or go for a run. However, these muscles are largely responsible for stabilizing our joints and helping our body to produce better results from workouts. The most neglected muscles of our body that need pre-activation include:

·       Core Muscles: Weaker core muscles can be the reason for back pain that is experienced by many people. It can be termed as the critical muscle group and activating it before you start to workout, can really help you in getting the best body fitness.

·       Hamstrings: Hamstring muscles help us in walking, running and performing various lower body exercises. Weaker hamstring muscles can make your exercise less effective.

·       Glutes: Similarly to the hamstrings the glutes are absolutely fundamental in every day life of the human anatomy. Weakness in this area typically leads to more downward pressure on the lumbar spine and less support in this area leading to lower back pain and stiffness.  


Muscle pre-activation exercises are extremely effective and don’t take much of your time. You just need to give them a few minutes before starting your workout and you will achieve a better result. Listed below are some of the most effective muscular pre-activation exercises that I recommend you try out before performing intense exercise.

Bear Crawl

One of the most effective and common muscle activation techniques is a bear crawl. You can perform this exercise by crawling on the ground with the help of your hands and feet, while keeping your hips down. Crawl in this manner for about 15 feet, as it will stabilize your upper body and help in better coordination of your mind and body.

Knee Lift & Back

This particular exercise helps in activating the glutes. To perform this exercise, you need to lift your knee and hold it for 5 seconds at 90-degree or less. Shift your knee back while maintaining the same angle for your hamstring and glute to hold its position. Apart from glutes, this exercise can also help in activating the quad, hamstring and hip flexors. Repeat this exercise twice before starting your workout for better results.

Scapular Pull-Up

This particular activation exercise targets the muscles of rhomboids, lats and lower traps. You can perform this exercise by hanging from a pull-up bar while keeping your arms straight. You can either bend your knees or keep them straight. Lower your body by shrugging your shoulders towards your ears. The next step is pulling your shoulder blades together and squeezing your lats for raising your body by 1 to 2 inches. Keep still in that particular position for a few seconds before performing this exercise again.

Apart from helping in building the muscles effectively, the pre-activation muscle exercises can also enhance the performance of sportsmen and athletes. Furthermore, they have medically proven effects on relieving one from lower back problems.

There are various products in the market that you may have come across, that are used for muscle pre-activation. Most of them work only for particular muscles in our bodies. However, not only your glutes and hip area are essential for warming up, but your complete body; the perfect product that you need is the “Hip Circle”.

The best feature that makes it stand out from the rest is its affectivity. It helps in activating the muscles around the hips and warming up the entire body, to enhance strengthening your body and improving your workout techniques.

What to do with the Hip Circle?

The process is simple; you only have to wear the band and walk forward, backward and side to side. The amazing band will activate the muscles of that particular area and make your workout much more effective than you could have imagined and you can achieve the fitness level you had desired in relatively less time.

Not only can you use this band while preparing for your workout, but also when switching from one exercise to another. It helps in adding resistance and strengthens your hip abductors by keeping your knees pushed out, while you are performing deadlifts and squats.

To cut it short, activating your muscles before starting your workout or while switching from one workout form to another can:

·       Strengthen your body

·       Enhance your workout regime

·       Prevent injuries

·       Build muscles

The use of Hip Circle is recommended by many experts in the field of fitness for obtaining quick and effective results. Although they are primarily designed for activating the muscles of the hip and glute region, the Hip Circle also helps in warming your whole body and making your workout regime more effective.

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