Safe Exercising After An Operation

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It’s quite obvious that there are many benefits of regular exercise. Not only will you stay fit and healthy, but you’re much more likely to perform better at work as well. Still, you won’t experience any of these unless you exercise regularly. But what to do when you’ve recently undergone a plastic surgery? There’s no reason to completely get out shape just because you’ve had a procedure. Just make sure you follow these 6 tips that will get you exercising once again in no time

Make Sure You Don’t Rush It

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is trying to start exercising right after the procedure. Exercising before you get a go-ahead from your doctor is one of the worst things you can do. Rushing your way to a good shape can result in swelling and making it much more difficult to recover from the procedure. Even once you start exercising, make sure you increase the duration of your training gradually. Start with just a couple of minutes a day and work your way back to your regular routine.

Opt for Low-Impact Exercises

Once you start exercising, you’ll have to choose exercises carefully. It’s important to choose some low-impact exercises that won’t put your body under a lot of pressure. You can use a whole body vibration machine as it doesn’t require too much exertion but still helps you get great results. When searching for exercises you’re allowed to do once you’re back to training, it’s also a good idea to consult your doctor about each of them. For example, in case you’ve recently had a face-lift, they’ll advise you to skip all the exercises that require you to use neck muscles.

Drink a Lot of Water

One of the worst things about post-surgery exercising is that surgery can keep you swollen for even up to few weeks. Such puffiness can be really annoying, especially once you get back to your work. In order to keep swelling in check, you should make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Obviously, water is your best choice. Drinking a lot of water is recommended even when you don’t intend to exercise. Still, you can start swelling during the exercise even if you drink plenty of water. If this happens, make sure you end your training session straight away.

Consult a Professional

Getting back to training is also the right time to bring in an expert. Even if you prefer to exercise on your own, consulting a professional will help you recover and get back in shape as quickly as possible. A large number of personal trainers have already worked with people who recently had a plastic surgery and they’ll be able to advise you on both your diet and the types of exercises you should be doing. For example, a lot of people who have recently undergone liposuction tend to get their belly fat back and if this starts happening to you, a personal trainer can show you the best exercises to fight it.

Stay Relaxed

If you intend to get back in shape, you’ll also have to try to stay relaxed once you’re back home. First of all, it’s really important that you rest as much as possible. Avoiding stress and staying relaxed is one of the best ways to prepare for getting back to training. You should also encourage drainage and reduction of toxins from your body. Making sure you eat right and undergoing lymphatic compression massage treatments are something you can never go wrong with. You can also try meditating while you’re stuck at home as that’s another great way to stay relaxed and prepare for your return to the gym.

Choose the Right Gym Accessories

Using some gym accessories is always recommended but this is especially the case when you’ve recently undergone a plastic surgery. Experts in breast reduction say that a well-supported sports bra is an absolute must for the women who have recently undergone this type of surgery. Many other plastic surgeries will require you to wear bandages and supportive bands during your training sessions. It’s recommended to use special gym accessories like this for the first few weeks after your plastic surgery. You can always consult your doctor about what type of supportive items you should use once you start exercising again.

All of these tips will get you back to training as soon as possible so make sure you stick to them. In case you’re unable to exercise for a long time after your plastic surgery, make sure you take brisk walks regularly so you can be ready to start exercising once you recover.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom (Diana is American) of two beautiful girls and a great fitness lover. In her free time she enjoys exercise and preparing healthy meals for her family.



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