Good Old Training In The Brave New Digital World.

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Good old training in the brave new digital world

In the digital age we all live in, technology transforms nearly every aspect of our daily activities. Sometimes it is distracting and overwhelming, and at other times it makes our life easier and more convenient. These are two sides of the same coin, yet we all want it to fall right side up. Well, the empowering convergence of digital platforms and society has also spurred a revolution in the way we perceive health and fitness. This is made possible with wireless devices, mobile phones, sensors, cutting-edge microprocessors, social media, and other novelties. Training tools have moved past clipboards, pens and audio tapes, and this tech endorsement is much more than just trendy.

The digital frontier

Many are those seeking to jump on the digital bandwagon. Tech-savvy trainers make good use of devices like HD cameras to attract new customers or to access exercise postures. Others use tech to monitor progress to keep a sense of focus and direction. Seeing your results in black and white is a motivation booster, but why not let other people also witness them in vivid colors? Websites such as EyeEm allow you to share photos with a wide community and earn money on striking fitness imagery.

Tech support

High-tech training is not just about doing something popular and hip. It should support the way you work out and help you get through routines more efficiently. A technology-driven approach to training has a great deal of possible benefits and most fitness tech falls into two categories: exercise video games and activity trackers. The latter are leaning towards lightweight, compact wearables. New pieces of tech magic always require you to get to know their functions and properties, but after this adjustment period, you are done with wasting time.

Staying on track

Many people use various software solutions to plan out their nutrition and workout plans. It is possible to utilize training program templates, set alerts, receive recommendations for fine tuning routines. A personal digital assistant (PDA), for example, can store information on personal training stats, due dates and important milestones. Gadgets like heart rate monitors, on the other hand, keep track of vital functions and are capable of analyzing and comparing workouts. That way, a user knows which physical activity brings the most value in terms of improving strength, endurance and speed.

Data flows

The Fitbit One and Nike+ FuelBand are wearables that store data locally on the device, but also sync it to mobile platforms and cloud-based services. Training activities are graphically presented and analyzed by advanced software, acting as a mini, portable personal trainer. These devices can inform you about the amount of calories burned, and assist in weight loss efforts. They are usually strapped onto the body or attached to footwear before an aerobic training. Adidas also has an application for mobile devices which displays the data from the sensors, and even gives you coaching via headphones.

Watch out

Android-based smartwatches like theMotorola MotoACTV offer similar benefits, equipping people with GPS maps, heart-rate monitors and MP3 players. Finally, it is worth mentioning the Fitbit Aria Wi-FiSmart Scale. This innovative gadget sends facts and figures on fat-body percentage to the user’s personal account and synchronizes weight and motion data. All-around, highly-portable devices like this are becoming increasingly popular, and aspiring to steal the digital fitness show. They are now essential tools in the arsenal of an army of athletes, trainers and people determined to make their training fit for the 21st century.

Brave heart

Killer devices are changing the face of fitness, taking training routines to the next level. Technology does not only save paper and ink, it saves you money and time. Workout data inspires and provides a sense of accomplishment and purpose. More sophisticated, technologically advanced training, however, does not substitute human willpower, or our blood, sweat, and tears. It is there to keep things running smooth and grease the fitness machinery.

Therefore, utilize technology as a means to an end. Let it supply you with a stream of handy data in the form of notifications, vital stats, alerts, advice and recommendations. How one makes good use of this information is still a crucial piece of the fitness puzzle. It is a brave new world out there, and the fitness revolution is now.


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