Escalated Density Training - A Fat Loss Solution

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A Fast Fat-Burning System

Escalated density training (EDT) is more popular than ever before. Charles Staley, an accomplished strength coach who assists older athletes in reclaiming their vitality, is the force behind the concept. For people who struggle to hit the gym, it provides an incredible measure of success. Not only that, but the beauty of EDT is it's simplicity, which only adds to the appeal. People can use EDT as a standalone workout strategy, or they can use it to add a new stimulus to an existing programme. The idea is fair and simple.

However fit you may be, EDT if done correctly will push you to your limits. 

However fit you may be, EDT if done correctly will push you to your limits. 

In order to understand EDT, you have to first understand density. Training density is the work that one can do in a specific amount of time. So, if you can perform 15 sets of 10 pushups in 10 minutes, the training density for that movement is a 10-minute timeframe.

This means that you will have to complete 150 repetitions total. In simple terms, training density is the total number of sets multiplied by the total number of reps you complete in a given timeframe.


EDT has a range of benefits. The top three are as follows:


When you begin an EDT workout, you know when it starts and when it will end. More importantly, you know exactly what to do during that time period. Athletes will always have an explicit goal with EDT — there are no surprises. EDT athletes have to fully experience this in order to appreciate how easy it is to simply get up and complete an EDT workout.

The motivation in EDT workouts is immense, and motivation is key when it comes to losing weight.


EDT is clear and simple. As a measure of where you are in your training programme, it tells you that you are progressing. EDT workouts make sure that you face the truth — not only the truth of training, but the truth of progression. In short, it tells you who you are and where you should be. That’s the idea. The goal of EDT is to provide you with incredible clarity regarding where you are at — and again, where you should be — in your training.


Another benefit of EDT is that it calls for autoregulation. In other words, there are no reps or sets involved. There are no resting intervals. These parameters distract you from your main focus, and there are no distractions with EDT. Just take out your training log and see how many repetitions you have done during your previous workout, and start the stopwatch in order to beat that number. You can do this with pretty much any workout, and you can be sure that you will grow.

There is an autoregulation principle involved in EDT, which is vital for the success and motivation that EDT naturally brings. Those who have done EDT have seen positive results in every aspect of their fitness routine. EDT has been a success for countless people, helping them stay strong and lean.

Let's Train created a YouTube video featuring a 15-minute high-intensity EDT workout. Escalated density training is a great way to tear fibers and burn important calories, and the video offers a great explanation of EDT. To get started, do 8 reps of every exercise. Then add 2 additional reps to every exercise. As you continue, you will increase the number of reps to 12, 14, 16 and so on. The idea is to complete as many reps as possible. If you get tired, you can always rest, but you cannot skip exercises. Essentially, the video offers a clear take on EDT and gives you some motivation to complete your workouts. We love the video for its motivational support, its background music and the huge clarity it provides.

While some explanations of EDT are quite complex, the video is a compact version that is perfect for those who are new to the concept. It also shows you what you can do in 15 minutes for an EDT workout. The idea here is for people who do not have a lot of time on their hands to get back on track by following this incredible 15-minute workout.

EDT workouts will help you lose weight and ensure you lose weight fast, but unfortunately, few people find the motivation to follow the workouts — and that is where the video comes in. The LetsTrain video is a comprehensive introduction to EDT and features a workout that you can do in just 15 minutes to build some muscle and lose weight! If you are interested in learning more about EDT, subscribe to the video and get started. It really is that easy.


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