Beach Workout: Tabata - Fat Burn

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I was lucky enough to spend the last month personal training and running a health retreat in and around the renowned Novi Spa situated on the Croatian coast near Rijeka. Along with the spa the idealic scenery and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea brought a whole new dimension into the 'healthy body, healthy mind' philosophy which I strongly believe in.

"...time effective and productive workouts..."

Whilst living there I was on a tight schedule and only had access to minimal equipment myself so I needed to construct my workouts to be as time effective and productive as possible.  'Beach Workouts' is a mixture of cardio, circuits and HIIT sessions taken straight from my own training whilst running the retreat and working alongside the Spa resort.

"...minimal equipment..."

Aim to complete as many repetitions as you can in the given 'working' time. The first session is in the Tabata format, using a mixture of bodyweight movements while training at a high intensity!


Equipment needed - Skipping/jump rope & stop-watch

Duration: 15-25 mins

  • Warmup - jogging and dynamic stretching
  1.  Skipping
  2. Squats/Box Jumps (shown below)
  3. Push-ups/Close-grip Push-ups
  4. High knee sprint (on the spot)
  • Warm down - jogging and stretching

Complete each exercise for 40s and then rest for 20s before progressing to the next. After finishing the circuit, rest for 1min and repeat twice more. Advanced level: rest for 10s between exercises and 30s between circuits.

You'll notice there are two options for some exercises, pick the second exercise if you are feeling more advanced or want to increase the intensity!

We are intrigued to know how you got on with all of our workouts, tag @letstrain on instagram to share your #beachworkout !!


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