Raw Energy - Hemp Protein Shakes

Hemp is an amazing source of protein, with 8 of the essential amino acids needed for human health. It also has high amounts of lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fats rather than storing them. Large quantities of these enzymes also allow hemp to be absorbed rapidly by the body, leading to fast recovery.

Along with the quick recovery benefits, hemp is full of fibre and has more omega 3 fatty acids than most oily fish - perfect for healthy muscles and joints! Naturally wheat, gluten and dairy free, hemp is a must for vegetarians and vegans and any one else wanting good daily nutrition.

Why eat hemp:

  • High levels of protein with good amino acid levels.
  • Enhances the immune system and has anti-fatigue properties.
  • Recent research has shown hemp improves kidney function.
  • Great source of the antioxidant vitamin E
  • Packed with Magnesium and Iron to help uphold energy levels.
  • Gluten, Dairy and Wheat free.


Here are two delicious Protein shakes, both made with Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein.

1. Raw Chocolate and Maca shake with hemp.


  • Nativa Organic Hemp Protein 30g
  • Cacao powder 10g
  • Naturya Maca powder 5g
  • Water 300ml
  • Blueberries 50g

Method and Nutrition:

Blend up all ingredients until smooth. Serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon (optional).

 Kcals 143,Protein 16g, Carbohydrate 17g, Fat 6g, Fibre 18g

The berries along with Maca powder and raw cacao give you a powerful energy boost along with high levels of antioxidants.

2. Hemp smoothie with Manuka honey.


  • Nativa Organic Hemp Protein 30g
  • Naturya Wheatgrass powder 10g
  • Water 250ml
  • Raw Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter 10g 
  • Manuka Honey 10g
  • Half a medium banana
  • Apple slices to serve

Method and Nutrition:

Blend up all ingredients until smooth. Serve with apple pieces (optional).

Kcals 291.5, Protein 18g, Carbohydrate 26g, Fat 8g, Fibre 20g

Full of raw energy, wheatgrass  powder is packed with vitamins and fibre.

The honey and banana have natural sugars and potassium to keep muscles performing at their best. 

Try these two shakes out, before or after a workout. Experiment with other natural ingredients, why not throw in some flax or chia seeds? My similar post on vegetarian protein options can be read here.



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