Abs Essential Recipe 1 - Tuna Steak With Lime

This week I'm sharing a staple meal in my diet, a fresh mix of sea and citrus flavours - Tuna steak with fresh limes.

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • Two packs of Tuna steak (200-220g each)
  • A fresh lime
  • 200g cannellini beans (or ay other type of kidney beans)
  • 75g Wholemeal rice
  • A medium sized broccoli
  • Coconut oil


1. Place rice in a deep pan of boiling water and leave on simmer.(set timer for 30 min)

2. Melt 5g of coconut oil in a non-stick pan and then add the steaks. cook for 4 min each side. Squeeze the lime juice over the steaks when you flip them over half way and add some black pepper.

3. As you turn over the fish, now is a good time to cook the broccoli. Add some boiling water from the kettle to a deep pan and put the broccoli on a low heat for 4 mins.

4. Remove broccoli and Tuna from hob and leave aside until the rice is finished cooking. It is better to leave the Tuna for 5 min at least so the fish meat relaxes and has a better texture. Also the juices of the lime and oils combine into a delicious sauce.

5. When the timer goes off, drain rice and mix in the cannellini beans. Serve with lime pieces on the steaks. 

You can add a splash off soy sauce if you like.

Why eat this:

-Cannellini beans have high levels of the minerals calcium and magnesium which help regulate normal blood pressure, bone health and keeps us illness free.

-As well as 25g protein per 100g, tuna is loaded with essential fatty acids, omega-3s which reduce inflammation and have been known to remove fat deposits in our body.

-Broccoli is packed with phosphorous that we use to aid good digestion and also the antioxidant vitamin C.

More Abs Essential articles and recipes up soon!

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