Our Top Nutrition Tips For 2018

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Though it might be unbearably frequent to come across publicly-announced avowing across your social feeds regarding the New Year, the appeal of sustaining a resolution for oneself might prove to be too strong to resist.

You may not promise the new set of upcoming 12 months a New You, per say, but you just might go ahead and vow to whip yourself into shape this 2018.

The appeal of a clean, untouched, and uncluttered year proves to be globally popular; a study conducted in January of 2017 concluded that approximately 41% of Americans regularly made New Year’s Resolutions, though only 44% managed to maintain their promises within the next 6 months.

However, it is interesting to note that an impressive 20% of all respondents had their resolutions focused on losing weight, or getting into shape. A further 5.5% promised to hit the gym more frequently to either lose those extra pounds or build strength and stamina.

Regardless of your personal reasons for pursuing a reliable fitness regimen this year, it would seem tempting to reach out for those harmful appetite pills, or concoct a magic drug that could potentially block fat build-up. However, if you managed to click on this article, then you might be more committed to the idea of approaching fitness more naturally this 2017.

Hence, we have compiled a helpful list of 5 healthy, natural, and nutritional tips for aiding you in your journey towards fitness!

1. Stocking up on nutrient-rich foods

What should a typical nutrient-rich diet look like?

Salmon, which carries a healthy amount of disease-fighting Omega-3 fatty acids, is one of these nutrient rich foods. Dark leafy green vegetables (such as spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, mustard greens, or collard greens) contain a wealth of essential minerals and nutrients.

Shellfish – such as clams – possess the largest store of Vitamin B-12, and deliver healthy doses of Copper, Zinc, Iron, and Potassium. Moreover, look into the benefits of dark cocoa, carbohydrate-rich potatoes, protein-laden eggs, and blueberries. Innumerable nutritionally-rich meal plans are available online, free of cost, so you might model yours after them.

2. Do not skip meals

Ensure that you do not skip meals. Starving yourself will achieve the opposite effect when it comes to producing a healthily functioning body and mind. Prepare a meal plan by researching online according to your age, gender, current weight, and long-term aims. Alter this regimen according to your schedule.

For example, if you do not have the time in the morning to have an elaborate breakfast each day, opt for a simple bowl of wheat-based cereal with a serving of fruit.

Or perhaps microwave a bowl of oatmeal or porridge to kick-start your day.

Skipping meals might seem appealing initially, as your body will begin to burn fat stores in order to produce energy to function. Once, however, these fat stores have been depleted, your body will automatically begin tapping into other vital nutrient stores, and you will generally have less energy and stamina to go around for all your organs.

Fitness implies functioning at your mental and physical prime, and starving yourself defeats this purpose.

3. Allowing for cheat meals

This step might prove to be the most difficult for some of the readers. Abandoning the wealth of readily-prepared and tantalizingly-addictive fast foods available at your fingertips can be challenging.

Turning a blind eye towards a deep-dish pizza or a pile of cheesy fries may even cause you to break your resolution a few weeks in. However, this is a process of trial and error. You cannot expect to break decades’ worth of habits in a single day, so allow yourself the time to gradually wean off fast food.

This can be achieved by allowing yourself 2 to 3 cheat meals per week; ease this number down to one cheat meal per week once you begin to get a handle on things. Additionally, make sure to include a cheat snack or two to pepper your weekly meal plan.

Not only will this allow your mind the motivation to see you through a week of no deep-fried foods, but will also prime your metabolic system to burn calorie-laden foods faster.

4. Abandoning fizzy drinks

A typical fizzy drink will deliver 139 calories, and nearly 7 teaspoons of sugar. Moreover, the acidic contents of fizzy drinks might stain teeth and disrupt the healthy functioning of your brain and vital organs. Additionally, 35 grams of sugar per drink will take you away from your fitness aims notch by notch.

Ditch the addictive drinks, and switch over to either green tea or black coffee. Both carry heavy anti-oxidizing properties and not only burn away fat-stores but also clear your skin of blemishes. Nature’s ultimate detox solution, however, is 8 to 12 glasses of water a day. Innumerable people having undergone fitness transformations have cited water as the most dependable solution to any body’s fat-burning needs.

Water helps carry essential nutrients around the body, aids the cells in their building processes, and delivers oxygen around your system.

5. Small meals, and the importance of carbohydrates

Do not underestimate the importance of carbohydrates when it comes to fitness; carbohydrates (such as vegetables, wheat, and beans) supply a steady flow of energy to the body. This will aid your exercise routines and lead to effective workouts paired with efficient metabolic processes. Far better than grabbing a sugar-laden energy drink that will only give you a very brief energy high.

Pepper your day with small meals to prevent yourself from indulging in a large, calorie-rich feast. Carry a packet of nuts or berries with you at all times, or spread some cottage cheese on top of multi-grain bread for a quick snack.

It is crucial to note that fitness primarily whittles down to consistency, healthy habits, and clean eating. Pairing appropriate and frequent exercise with your fast food abstinence can provide innumerable benefits to your body, soul, and mind. In order to truly have every component in your body and mind sing with harmonized efficiency, prepare and commit to a doable schedule.

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