Top 5 Vegan Protein Powders

Nutrition is the foundation for any serious training individual, without a sound nutritional base, muscle fibres cannot repair and grow. We are routinely asked how vegan and vegetarians can address the difficulty in matching their daily required protein intake. It was this often asked question that inspired us to put together a list of 5 vegan protein powders that we believe cater for those individuals that want an alternative to animal based protein shakes.

Pulsin - Pea Protein

This protein is a high quality powder, containing amino acids and a protein level of 85%. It is a perfect choice for anyone that must avoid dairy and soya based proteins due to food allergy and intolerance, it is also gluten free.

2. Bulk Powders - Brown Rice Protein 80

Brown Rice Protein 80 from Bulk powders contains 80% protein, one thing to note is how easily it mixes, leaving no residue, making it remarkably better than any brown rice alternative. Another great for anyone with food allergies or an intolerance to gluten.

3. Sun Warrior - The Warrior Blend

The warrior blend is a soy-free mix of raw pea, cranberry, and hemp proteins, and comes in numerous flavours. It contains 16 grams of plant-baed protein per serving, is easily digestible and mildly sweetened with no added sugars.

4. Naturya - Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder from Naturya contains 49g of protein per 100g, it is a quality of protein that can be compared to eggs and dairy. For a vegan-certified source, it is in our opinion the best source of protein.

5. Sativa Shakes - Viva High Pro

A mix of 4 different sources of plant protein - including brown rice and hemp. This shake combines ingredients that the above uniquely carry, creating an ultimate bad-ass blend of vegan friendly protein. Containing a complete amino acid profile, no artificial sweeteners and a fat fighting low carb content - this shake makes a fantastic choice for anyone with an intolerance to lactose and a hankering for dairy free goodness.


We thought we would give you a couple tips to get more inventive with your protein powders. Most simply combine them with water, or milk for an added protein dose. 

1. Good Porridge Morning! We particularly enjoy adding some protein powder to a bowl of oats in the morning, particularly because we tend to only mix our oats with water - and the taste as you can imagine is pretty bland. Add some protein powder and the flavour alters significantly. The added protein will not only enhance the flavour but also contribute to protein synthesis - a necessary part of any muscle building training regime.

2. Refuse to buy snacks that are over priced, manufactured and full of ingredients that make you ask 'what the bloody-ell is that?!' Make your own, protein powder makes a great addition to energy balls and bites.

3. Further you could add protein powder to cookies, chocolate logs, cheesecakes, pancakes and lots of other baked goods to boost their protein content. Simply substitute some of the flour with protein powder!

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