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“Reverting to old eating habits... is always going to hold you back from getting the physique you want...”

Working in and around the city, it’s hard to stay on top of your nutrition with the multitude of unhealthy eateries and fast food drawing us in when hunger strikes. We’ve all been there, the short lunch break, the cravings and the ‘quick fix’ option which, let’s face it, usually leads to a ham and cheese croissant at Starbucks...

This is an area where many of Jonny and my own clients fall down on. Reverting to old eating habits just to ‘fill the gap’ throughout the week is always going to hold you back from getting the physique you want. Getting your nutrition right is not just in that post-workout meal, it’s in your everyday choices, and consistency in making them whether at work or at home. This article gives you a snapshot of the array of healthy restaurants and cafes in London, that I commonly use and that you can incorporate into your diet plan.

“If you can nail your nutrition whilst on your 9-5, you’ll see a vast improvement in your overall fitness...”

If there’s one thing that resonates throughout fitness professionals when concerning eating habits, it’s that quality nutrition should be a part of your lifestyle. Let’s put it into perspective, if you’re not getting much healthy food in for the working week, that’s over 70% of your time weekly eating rubbish! And that’s excluding the weekend antics...

If you can nail the nutrition whilst on your 9-5 in the city, you’ll see a vast improvement in your overall fitness whether your goal is building muscle or losing body fat. Here’s a list of 6 great eateries located within London that are tried and tested by LetsTrain, one’s we choose to eat at when on the move, driving us one step closer to our own goals.

Muscle Gain.

Full of muscle building calories, these joints are a must.

Le Pain Quotidien – various locations

If you’re looking for fresh produce and free-range protein options, Le Pain is a winner. Their breakfast and brunch menu is centred around awesome eggs with seafood and high class meats. Their brunch options include lean poultry and great vegetarian options with artisan bread.

Andina - Shoreditch

Their menu is full of superfood ingredients from Peru along with spicy meats and natural, extra protein sources such as beans. The steamed rice and king prawns or fillet steak with chilli is perfect for fuelling up after a hard workout! High protein content mixed with quality carbohydrates and loads of veg.

 Lean Up.

Low GI carbohydrates, leafy greens & lean protein.

Leon – various locations

Described as ‘naturally fast food’, a team of nutritionists are behind Leon’s awesome range of food boxes packed with wholegrains, protein and healthy fats for sustained energy levels. They place heavy emphasis on keeping sugar and salt down to a minimum – even their ‘full English’ pot is low in sugars and saturated fat and there’s the option of almond milk in your coffee!

Pod – various locations

Pod is amazing for grabbing breakfast or lunch in a hurry. Instead of sugar you get added vitamins and roughage. The Sri Lankan chicken and Spanish chicken & chorizo are delicious for lunch; wholegrain rice, greens and lots of protein. Make sure you try the salmon & superseed scrambled eggs to start the day strong.

 Vegetarian and Vegan.

Veggie and vegan options, quality produce bang on the money!

Redemption Bar – Notting hill & Shoreditch

An absolute gem, Redemption Bar only serves vegan, sugar-free and wheat-free meals all from locally sourced produce. Their motto, ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’ is true to the word which boasts some of the most delicious vegan dishes I’ve tried, without a sugar spike or any added oils!  The maki rolls were pretty awesome and the coconut ice cream was unreal. They also offer an order in option for London residents if you don’t have the time to venture down for the Zucchini pasta con pesto...

The Good Life Eatery – Marylebone, Belgravia, Chelsea

These guys know all about living healthy, with protein packed vegetarian breakfasts and lunches which are mainly gluten-free. Some of the best breakfast options around for slow release energy and antioxidants. The quinoa porridge is stuffed with cashews and made with almond milk for a dairy-free twist. I’d highly recommend their ‘superfood salads’ if stopping off for lunch, loads of high vitamin, high protein options to choose from.

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