Kaisa Larkas

This week we talk to the lovely Kaisa, a personal trainer originally from Finland, who trains a range of women and guys and uses effective circuits techniques to keep in awesome shape herself.

How did you get into health and fitness?

I’ve always done sports. I started playing basketball when I was about 6 and then started teaching classes at different gyms when I was 16 and when I moved to the UK I carried on and started personal training and bootcamps too.

We have many followers who use our glute bands post pregnancy and when trying to combat back pain - can you recommend any exercises you use with your clients?

The glute bands are so great for targeting glutes and like you say, they’re great for people who have issues with their back as there are a lot of glute exercises you can do with them that relieve back pain by strengthening the glutes.

I use the bands a for glute bridges (full range ones). Another great move is the crab walk with the glute band as it completely targets the butt and improves posture.

The bands are also great to use if you’re doing glute bridges on the smith machine or with a barbell to increase the intensity. But weighted exercises should be done with care if you have a bad back.

Kaisa recommends the L3 X-Treme band for glute bridges (shown in the picture).

You look amazing and this is really aspirational! Can you share a weekly workout which helps you stay in great shape?

Thanks so much! I always tell my clients or anyone who asks for my advice that you need to keep your training varied. Mix cardio with weight training for best results. This will build strength and aid fat loss. 

I do home workouts with my clients to do on top of their PT sessions and they’re mainly body weight exercises. 

Give this fat burning circuit a go:

100 mountain climbers 
90 basic ab crunch pulses with feet off the floor 
80 squats 
70 opposite elbow to knee ab crunches 
60 alternate leg lunges 
50 basic ab crunches all the way up 
40 push ups 
30 jump squats 
20 V sit abs 
10 burpees 

A lot of our followers find it difficult to eat healthily when they are really busy. What would be your top picks to eat when on the move? 

I find a protein shake to be really handy when on the go. But make sure you get a brand that has high protein and low carbs and mix it with water and not milk. Other good snacks are things like cashew nuts and a banana to balance good fats with slow release carbohydrates. 

What are your own fitness goals for this year? 

I have promised myself to start running more and have signed up for a nuclear obstacle course race. You do as many 5km laps as you can in two hours.

Kaisa works hard with her clients each week delivering phenomenal results whilst making smart diet and training choices to keep herself in fantastic shape. 

Remember, no matter how hard you work, make sure you invest in YOU.


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