Shape & Tone Your Legs - Top 5 Tips

 Tone your legs and add shape with our top 5 tips. Getting sexy legs is one of the most common fitness goals out there, but are you approaching your workouts correctly?

Try out our legs toning tips in the quick read list below!


1. Split up your legs workouts

It's so easy to fall into a standard routine where 'legs' muscles are trained in one workout each week. The problem with this, is the fact that the muscles in your legs are so much larger than your upper body muscles, so they may need to be trained with more individual focus to promote the best results. Try splitting your legs workouts into a glutes & hamstrings workout and a glutes & quads workout each week. Check out the workout examples below.

2. Perform big lifts first

Compound exercises are those that recruit more than one muscle group and include; squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts and lunges. Aim to complete these movements at the start of your session, you'll be able to lift more, burning more calories and promoting lean muscle growth. Check out our NEW Booty Builder 101 Training Guide which covers; glutes science, 16 weeks of workouts and video demos

3. Core strengthening

A strong core is essential for allowing us to perform legs exercises with proper form, allowing us to move through a greater range of motion and important in preventing injury. Try isometric core based exercises like the Banded Pallof Press hold. These will strengthen the core as it stabilises our body and back position. You'll also be able to squat deeper for a better connection in your glutes! Try using a Red Resistance Band for this exercise.

Pallof Press Hold

4. Jump!

Plyometric or power exercises where we jump, improve our muscular power as well as burn tons of calories. Jump squats, ski-jumps, box jumps and frog jumps are all great examples of plyometric movements. "Using plyometrics will allow you to push more weight in other lifts as well as torch body fat" says London PT, Claire.


5. Diet and hydration

Make sure you are fuelling and re-fuelling your workouts properly, with quality nutrition such as wholegrain carbs, lean protein and lots of green vegetables. Having consistent energy levels are really important so you can give your all during workouts and train harder for longer. Staying hydrated is also essential and dehydration can lead to a 20% decrease in performance. Try hydrating before you train as well as carrying a water bottle with you to sip between sets.

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