Quick Tabata Circuit

Use tabata workouts for quicker weight loss and if you are short for time. Burn 100s of calories in 20 minute sessions.

Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) which allows you to complete highly effective fat-loss workouts in short amounts of time. The structure of a typical tabata workout is as follows:

8 exercises or intervals

20 seconds working time

10 seconds rest time between each exercise

1 Round = 4 minutes 

The aim is to work as hard as you can for the 20 seconds before having a short rest and moving onto the next work interval. As the work intervals are performed at a high intensity and the rest periods short, this means your body will not fully recover between exercises.

Instead you place your body into a state of 'oxygen debt' which means there will be a temporary shortage of oxygen available for your body to use. When concerning fat-loss, this is highly effective as your body will need to replenish these reserves after you workout and in a state of rest. 

This means your metabolism will be sped up for hours and days after your training session, leading to further weight loss. We have many workouts like this in our Bodyweight Training Guide, which promotes the HIIT & Tabata methods in the cardio sessions.

Today's workout uses the tabata principle along with a mixture of banded, weighted and bodyweight style exercises. Have a go at the below session and tag us on Instagram @LetsTrain if you complete it!

Complete all exercises for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds between each. Try and complete full 5 rounds.

Note: You can rest for 30 seconds - 1 minute between each round

1. Alternate Lunges - use dumbbells here if you have them!

Tabata Exercises

2. High knee skipping - try to sprint on the spot whilst skipping with high knees

Tabata Exercises

3. Plank hip dips - hold a plank position and drop your hips alternately to each side.

Tabata Exercises

4. Forward jumps - Start in a half squat and then explosively jump as high and far as you can, landing in a half squat position. 

Tabata Exercises

5. Alternate side lunge - drop your hips as low as you feel comfortable here, the back leg should be kept straight.

Tabata Exercises

6. Band straight leg lying abduction - complete all reps with one leg, switch legs on the next round.

Tabata Exercises

7. High knee twist - drive your knee up and across your body explosively before repeating on the other side. The knee should move in a diagonal plane, up and across your body.

Tabata Exercises

8. X-body mountain climbers - keep in a high plank position and drive your knees alternatively to the opposite elbow across your torso.

Tabata Exercises

These exercises were taken from our Bodyweight training guide, which is suitable for female or male users or all levels.

LT x

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