Pilates Core Workout At Barre Corre

Get a stronger core by working on functional strength and stabilisation. These pilates and barre exercises will greatly improve core conditioning, help you easily perform everyday exercises and reduce the risk of injury. 

Pilates focuses on strengthening the entire body with an emphasis on deep core engagement using controlled movements. Similarly, barre classes combine ballet, yoga and pilates practice into one workout with small refined exercises to build core strength and overall body conditioning. We met up with Lilly from Barre Core who took us through her most effective core strengthening exercises in a pilates & barre inspired routine.  

Try to complete all exercises for the recommended reps with 3 rounds of each exercise. Let us know how you get on by tagging us on instagram! @LetsTrain

1. Knee Tuck With Kick Back

  • Hold a high plank position (push-up position)
  • With control, drive your right knee forward as far as you can.
  • Rock onto your toes of the left foot to increase the intensity.
  • Hold for a split second before kicking the right leg back and straight upward.
  • Squeeze your glute at the top of the kick back and then repeat the rep on the same leg. Complete 8-10 reps on each leg

Knee Tuck With Kick BackKnee Tuck With Kick BackKnee Tuck With Kick Back

2. Mini Band Mountain Climber 

  • Hold a high plank position (push-up position)
  • Place the mini band over the mid foot of both feet. With control, drive your right knee forward as far as you can towards your chest.
  • Hold for a split second before placing the foot back next to the left.
  • Alternate legs each rep. Complete 12-20 reps

Mini Band Mountain ClimberMini Band Mountain Climber

3. Commando Plank

  • Hold a high plank position (push-up position)
  • Slowly lower your body so it is supported by your forearms. Try to do this as slowly as you can and focus on keeping your hips stable without rocking.
  • Hold the low plank or a split second before carefully raising your body back up into the high plank position.
  • Tighten your glutes and squeeze your legs together throughout, for extra control.
  • Alternate the leading arm each rep. Complete 6-12 reps

Commando PlankCommando PlankCommando Plank

4. Mini Band Plank Steps

  • In a high plank position (push-up position)
  • Place the mini band over your ankles. With control, step one foot out about 6 inches and back together again.
  • The leg step does not need to be very far, the aim here is to keep tension on the mini band throughout the rep and to perform each rep with total control.
  • Alternate legs each rep. Complete 10-20 reps

Mini Band StepsMini Band StepsMini Band Steps

5. Barre Ball Kick Back 

  • Facing a wall/mirror, place your hands on a secure fitting to support yourself.
  • Place a small ball such as a tennis ball or one of our massage balls between your hamstring and calf muscles of your left leg and hold it here.
  • Balancing on the standing leg (right leg), lean slightly forward and hold this position with a flat back.
  • With control, kick the left leg back without curving your lower back inward. Hold the leg at the top of the rep for a second and squeeze your glute hard.
  • Drive the leg back so the knee brushes the wall, with care to continuously hold the ball between your lower and upper leg.
  • Complete all reps on the same leg before switching sides. Complete 15-20 reps each leg

Barre Ball Kick BackBarre Ball Kick Back

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Team LT x

Lilly is a London based actress, singer-songwriter & Barre Corre regular. Check her out on Instagram  @lillypollardmusic

The Barre Core website can be found here

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