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Sofia has lost 10kgs of body fat, added shape to her glutes & legs and learnt how to structure her meals and training for the best results. We caught up with Sofia in Italy to find out more about her fitness journey with Let's Train. 

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Q&A with LT

Hi Sofia, a big well done for your hard work and fitness results form using our plan! Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions to share your story with our community! 

LT - Please tell us a bit about yourself and how Let's Train helped you get into your fitness routine.

Sofia - I'm 23 years old and I'm a full time mom and I have a 16 month old baby girl. Let's Train introduced me to the world of fitness at 360 degrees with their videos and training plans. I learnt not only to train well for success and a physical goal, but also to feed myself correctly;  this allowed me to change inside and out.

LT - You have been using our workouts from the Home Workout Plan now for 8 weeks and have seen amazing results! How was it following the workouts and training throughout the journey?

Sofia - The training plan was built to fit me and my needs. At the beginning, the workouts seemed impossible to me because I had never approached fitness with such determination. But after completing the extra 'prep weeks' and the weeks went by, I realised my quick improvement, because even simple exercises that were complex for me at the beginning became easier to me. It was very easy to follow and clearly explained which I liked.

 LT - Did you feel that our personal training team helped you with calorie recommendations and your questions throughout the journey?

Sofia - The advice that I was given by personal trainer Dejan, was fundamental to me and it was really useful to email him any questions along the way. He has always been very helpful and present both in listening to my needs as a mother (because I wanted to train while continuing to breastfeed), and in correcting the exercises for better execution. His advice was very precise and also fundamental to make me love the healthy lifestyle.  He also advised me in the field of nutrition, helping me to discover my macronutrients and their best daily division for an intake of simple but nutritious foods.

 LT - What results are you most proud of after completing the training plan and why?

Sofia - I am proud of many goals already achieved in this period of time; two in particular. First of all I'm proud of my lifestyle change and my new dietary approach, this path has changed me deeply, it was not just a path of weight loss and glute building. Another point of which I'm very proud is the loss of over 10 kg with a very noticeable aesthetic improvement. I was able to improve my legs and my booty which have always been my weak point. I also reduced my stomach fat which after pregnancy had remained very evident.

 LT - Which products were most effective in helping you throughout your journey?

Sofia - The Let's Train glute bands and resistance bands were very useful for me because they allowed me to train anywhere and helped me create greater muscle tone.

LT - Can you tell our community how you managed to keep motivated with all the training while also being a full time mother?

Sofia - A fundamental piece of advice for mothers that I feel like giving is to see training as a way of taking care of themselves in a profound way. You will feel tired and overloaded with things to do...and you are right. I have been and I am too, but just start training! Once you have started the training, you will feel more energised and less tired than before. Training will help you to improve physically and to have a better and higher mood! I always say a happy mom = a happy baby! Involve your children from the start and training will also be a time of sharing and fun.

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Sofia continues her fitness journey using our Booty Builder Guide.

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Team LT x

Sofia can be found on Instagram @sofiaifosfit

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