Glute Activation & Rehabilitation Exercises

Glute band exercises for strength and injury prevention. Using a glute band will target the smaller glute medius muscle which helps with stability, injury prevention and contributes to a better posture.

Our glutes are rarely used in our modern lifestyle, inactivity and extended periods of time sitting lead to the gluteal muscles becoming 'dormant'. This means our other muscles take on the strain of stabilising our spine and hips when in fact the glutes should be being used for this function.  

We have specifically picked a range of exercises which stimulate all areas of the gluteals. You can perform these movements two ways:

  • Using slower reps and longer rest times to focus more on strength building and activating the glutes for health purposes. We recommend this technique for beginners and those focused on injury rehab / prevention.
  • Placing the exercises in a faster paced circuit which limits rest times and increases the intensity. We recommend this for intermediate / advanced levels.

For beginners and those recovering from injury, a Level 1 Glute Band is the best choice to fire the glutes correctly in the circuit. For other levels, a Level 2 Medium Glute Band is recommended. 


1. Seated Abduction

Seated on a bench or chair, place the band just above your knees. Keep a straight back with your neck in line with the rest of your spine. Drive the knees out (abduction) against the band's tension and hold here for a second before slowly allowing the knees to come together.

seated abductionseated abduction

2. Band Glute Bridge

 Lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet at shoulder width. Your feet should be positioned so that when you drive your hips up, your legs are at 90 degrees.

This is really important; if the feet are too close to your butt then the quads will take over the exercise. If the feet are too far away, the hamstrings will be dominant.

Once you have found the correct foot position, drive your hips as high as you can and squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement. From here, push your knees out against the band and then lower the hips to complete the rep.

glute bridgeglute bridge

3. Band Lateral Squat Walk

Place the band just above your knees or around your ankles (beginners). Squat into a half-squat position, this should be half of the depth of your full range of motion. Step sideways using deliberately slow movements. You should keep outward pressure on the band at all times. 

Lateral WalkLateral Walk

4. Band Squat / Jump Squat

With the band placed just above your knees, set your feet at shoulder width. Squat down as far as you can maintaining a straight back and push outwards against the band tension as you do. Drive hard through your heels to complete the rep. You can choose to jump from the squat position as you rise upwards, this is more advanced and is not advised if you suffer from any back or knee pain.

SquatJump Squat

5. Kick Back

Keep your back flat on this exercise, without excessively arching the lower back. We are trying not to use any momentum from the leg swinging here. Instead, keep the glute in control of each rep. Hold onto a chair or bench and kick your heel back and up. Try to keep your leg bent throughout this exercise for a greater contraction in the glute maximus.

 Kick backKick back

Strengthening and injury prevention workout:

Rest for 20-30 seconds between sets 

Seated abduction 3x15 reps

Band glute bridge 3x15 reps

Band squat 3x12 reps

Band lateral walk 3x12 reps each side

Band kick back 3x12 reps each side

Toning and building circuit:

Complete each exercise for the reps or time shown and then move onto the next exercise. Rest for 10 seconds between exercises. Compete 4-5 rounds

Seated abduction 15 reps

Band glute bridge 20 reps

Band squat / Jump Squat 12-15 reps

Band lateral walk 40 seconds (alternate legs each rep)

Band kick back 15 reps each side 

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