Best Resistance Band Exercises

6 best resistance bands exercises for glutes, toning and home workouts. How to use resistance bands.

If you are on a budget and are looking for effective home training equipment, resistance bands will greatly benefit your workouts. Resistance bands build strength, stimulate muscle growth and prevent injury.

We have put together our top 8 exercises which you can use at home or in the gym, to further improve your fitness results.

1. Lying Hamstring Curls - Securing the band around an attachment, place the band around your ankle, lying in a prone position (facing down). Try to slowly extend your leg until straight before curling the band up to complete each rep.

We recommend using a yellow band for beginners and a red band for intermediate/advanced athletes.

Target: Hamstrings

Resistance band exercises

2. Back Rows - place the band under your feet and bend down with a flat back. Row the band up until your hands are to the side of your chest. You can double loop the band to make the exercise harder (as shown in the below picture).

We recommend using a red band for beginners and a black band for intermediate/advanced athletes.

Target: Back, arms, shoulders

Back Row

3. Band DB Romanian Deadlift - looping the band over the handles of two dumbbells, secure the band under your feet. With a straight back, slowly reach down so the dumbbells almost brush your shins. From here drive your heels into the floor and push your hips forward to stand up straight. You should keep a slight bend in your knees throughout this exercises and try to feel the stretch in the back of your legs as you lower the dumbbells down. You can perform this exercise only with a band if you like.

We recommend using a red band for beginners/intermediate and a black band for advanced athletes.

Target: Hamstrings, glutes 

Band Romanian Deadlift

4. Banded Front Squat - secure a band under your feet and hold the band by your upper chest. Squat down keeping your core tight throughout, to maintain your posture.

We recommend using a red band for beginners/intermediate and a black band for advanced athletes. 


Target: Glutes, quads, core


Resistance Band Squats

5. Shoulder Raises - hold the band by your waist with two hands and secure the band under your feet. Raise your arms straight out in front of you, hold for a count of 1 second and then lower your arms back down using control.

We recommend using a yellow band for beginners and a red band for intermediate/advanced athletes.

Target: Shoulders, core

Resistance Band Shoulders

6. Side Lunge + Overhead Hold - Hold a band overhead keeping tension on the band to hold it in place. Lunge sideways and bend your right leg so that you left leg stays straight. Alternate sides each rep and try to keep the band directly overhead at all times.

We recommend using a red band or a light theraband for these.

Target: Glutes, quads, shoulders, core

Workout 1 Strength Builder

Complete each exercise for 12-15 reps for 4 sets. Make sure to perform reps on both sides of the body where necessary. Aim to rest for 25-40 seconds between sets.

Workout 2 Tabata for Fat Loss

Complete the circuit below, performing each exercise for 20 seconds. Rest for just 10 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.

  • Banded Front Squat
  • Band DB Romanian deadlift
  • High Knee Sprint (perform on spot)
  • Shoulder Raises
  • Side Lunge + Overhead Hold (Left Leg)
  • Back Rows
  • Side Lunge + Overhead Hold (Right Leg)
  • Burpees

Try to get as many reps as you can during the work interval. Aim to complete the circuit 4 or 5x through 

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