5 Glute Band Exercises At Home

Using a glute band is such a simple way of increasing the intensity of your home workouts by promoting more glute activation during bodyweight exercises.

Try to keep pressure on the band throughout the exercises so that you get the most out of the workout. Using abduction techniques as shown in some of the exercises will push your glutes even harder, utilising the glute medius and minimus more.

Try completing each of the exercises below in a circuit style workout. Once you have completed all exercises rest and then start the circuit again. We recommend using a L2 Medium or Large glute band for this workout.

Complete 5 rounds


1. Band Kick Back

Complete 20 reps each leg

Band KickbackBand Kickback

2. Hip Thrust With Abduction

Complete 15 reps

Hip ThrustHip ThrustHip Thrust

3. Single Leg Hip Thrust

Complete 15 reps each leg

Single LegSingle Leg

4. Squat With Abduction

Complete 15 reps

Band SquatBand SquatBand Squat

5. Band Romanian Deadlift

Complete 15 reps

Band RDLBand RDL

You can check out the full workout video here.

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